Be a Caterpillar and Grow Wings

COVID19 Pandemic is unprecedented. With educational institutions closed and workplaces closed, we have a lot of time to “kill” by playing PUBG, watching movies on Netflix or scrolling all day long on social media apps.

We can use this time to grow ourselves by investing our time in productive activities. Social isolation is the right time when best things happen. As the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH came when he was in isolation.

Instead of killing time or trying to do more work, one should be doing the following.

  • Learning new skills like computer programming
  • Read more books
  • Maintain healthy eating habits
  • Most importantly, learn how to schedule your day.

You have a whole free day to try different alternatives of different things. If you have a family, kids are the best source of inspiration on how to learn new things. You will always find them doing new and interesting things.

Mental Health

This is crucial. You should be taking care of your mental health as well. Isolation can leads to overthinking that is not good for mental health. Learning new things, healthy diet, exercise and talking to the right people can help you improve your mental health.

If you are thinking about contacting your toxic ex, this is not a good sign for mental health.

Other things that you can do is to learn how to cook, it’s an art. Along with that, play board games with your family (Not just ludo star on Facebook).

Caterpillar grows wings during isolation. When you come out of this Pandemic, you should be a better person.

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